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Author Visits

How does this work?


I typically do author visits to schools and libraries with another awesome local author,  Amanda Strong. 


We had a great time last year at the local schools getting loads of "bad ideas" that sparked some fun stories in class visits, and channeling our characters special talents in school assemblies. 

Interested in Scheduling a Visit?

Just send us a message.


If you're a teacher or principal and are interested in having a lovely group of authors come to visit your school and talk about writing, publishing, and what it takes to share your talents with the world, please send us a note. 


We have also participated in book fairs, career days, teen library activity nights, and more. If you have an event you'd like us to participate in, we'd love to come. 


You can get in contact with us using the contact page HERE

That's always the question right?


At this time, we do not charge a fee to come to your school and give a presentation for local schools. To us, local means the Farmington, Aztec, Bloomfield, Kirtland area. In exchange for our time, we do ask that schools allow us to sell our books to the students at the school either that same day, or preferably, the following day. 


If your school is outside this area and you are interested in having us come, we do charge a fee of $200 to cover travel expenses, babysitting (We all have kiddos), and our time. We're always happy to discuss this with those interested in having us visit their school. 

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