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My Books


Thanks for taking the time to learn more about my books.  Here you will find all of my current series.  Some of the sequels may not be available yet, but rest assured, they're coming!

Donegal Sidhe
Dream Walker Chronicles

Donegal Sidhe follows a group of rag tag friends as they do their best to stop evil forces from releasing an ancient demon.  This trilogy is set in modern day Ireland and is full of Celtic myth.

Army of Sorrow 

Sea of Despair

Isle of Darkness

Dream Walkers is based on actual events in French history but takes place in modern day New York.  Two opposing factions battle to gain access to the girl who will turn the tide of their centuries long war.

Let Her Sleep

When She Wakes


Curiosity Killed The Crow

Spell, Book, and Candle

When Avalon Gregory left for a summer archaeology program, she got more history than she bargained for. After an unfortunate accident she is thrust into an ancient battle. Surrounded by enemies, human and non, she must finish what was started almost a millennium ago or die trying.

Curiosity Killed The Crow

Switching between the 18th century and modern day, this book tells the story of two teens living completely opposite lives.  Thackery hunts witches in the wake of the Salem trials.  Zadie is a gifted witch who lives a relatively quiet life.  When events bring the two together they must put their differences aside to save each other.

Spell, Book, and Candle

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